Search Engine Marketing

website marketing phoenixAdmittedly, marketing, in how it applies to websites is confusing. Most clients that pay up front for a website feel that automatically their website will be searchable by Google and other search engines. That is definitely not the case. It takes very deliberate effort to build a search engine compatible website and get it properly submitted online. Most (all?) of the lower tiered web companies and even some of the bigger agencies are web designers only and not marketeers. Further, building a site for search engine compatibility is more expensive and takes more hours - many cut this off in attempt to reduce the price. We feel this is a flawed approach. A website should be built around organic search engine compatibilty - properly annotated and structured so that search engines will find its content and index it -otherwise, why bother building a site in the first place. Building a site for search engine success is far easier said than done. This action alone is what separates a web design company from one, like 6IXGUN, the provides actual search engine marketing with its websites.

You may have paid for a beautiful website or commerce store - but without decisive work on the site structure and content to assure its presented properly to search engines, it wil never see its full traffic potential. A website built and not maintained with proper marketing support is like that awesome TV ad that never airs. I looks pretty but customers will never see it. You simply cannot have a website without at least some marketing support work to be successfully found online.

In addition to our work on site structure and content, we also perform external search engine work through social media, business portals like Google +, Yelp, as well as industry affiliations like BBB, Medical and Automotive associations, etc. This process is known as backlinking and it can be very effective tool used to drive traffic to your site from high integrity websites.

Traditional Marketing

While the bulk of our focus is on website marketing, we feel there are times where traditional marketing can also boost business traffic. We work with our clients to explore options. Success of course is highly dependent on the type of business and clientele being targeted, but results have been good in the past for many clients. We have extensive experience with print ad layouts, photography, business cards, mailers, pretty much any kind of hard collateral or identity work you could think of. We are big proponents of video content on websites - we are competent in editing and rendering in Apple Final Cut Pro X. We are also a MailChimp partner and have the capability of designing stunning, highly customized HTML5 mail campaign templates.