We are 6IXGUN.COM , one of the Southwest's leading marketing agencies. Our clients are big and small, from Attorneys, Medical Practices & Motivational Speakers to Automotive Shops, Photographers & Retailers. We have presence locally, nationally and internationally. We are not a web design company per se, although that is what many recognize us by. 6IXGUN is a turn-key provider of advanced internet marketing and branding -- behind every website you see is decades of proven fortune 50 marketing experience. We believe every company has a story to tell its customers and we provide the portal and the traffic to it - that is what we excel at.

Our areas of focus include Web Developmemt, Search Engine Optimization [SEO], Search Engine Marketing [SEM], E-Commerce Storefronts [Magento], Commercial Photography, and Branding. It all converges to form your image. To support our clients as a one-stop-shop we also provide print layout work, graphics design, and other services upon request.

Our work reflects the quailty and professionalism one would expect from an experienced company. We do not just drop and run on projects after they are done either - we'll provide value through quality work and ongoing business advice. Whether you need us for an hour's work or a year's worth we'll treat you like the valued clients you are. We realize more than anyone that there are a million companies out there that do what we do; most of our clients have already tried them and came to us because we get things done accurately & affordably but most of all , honestly. We work with businesses of all sizes and we are small business friendly.

We maintain other developer's websites!   Not invented here ? No problem ! Do you have an existing website or e-store that needs work or is not functioning ? Frustrated with your current web company ? Need a change ? 30% of our business comes from acquiring & administering legacy websites. We go through these sites and bring them up to date with current search engine algorithms and assure they stay relevent in searches. Websites are not a "set and forget" investment, as you probably have found out - especially not CMS and E-Commerce sites. What works today probably won't tomorrow if it is not maintained - that is a guarantee. We manage most website technologies including database driven & CMS platforms like Magento, OS Commerce, Wordpress, Drupal & Sytist (Photocart).

Our Current

We support a wide variety of projects - from administration & maintenance of large CMS websites and E-Commerce platforms to ground up design work.

" The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. Entrepreneurs are doers, not dreamers. "

- Nolan Bushnell -