NOTE: This website and most sites developed recently conform to emerging HTML5 standard. While offering a highly enhanced user experience, older browsers do not support HTML5. Specifically, if you are on a PC, and your installed version of Internet Explorer is below IE9, you will not be able to view this site correctly. Please download and install one of the below browsers ASAP.


Apple Safari features an excellent user experience and you don't need a Mac to experience it! Safari is a very capable browser that can run in Windows. Note: If you are seeing this message and you are on a Mac, simply update your safari through OSX.


Mozilla Firefox is the gold standard and best option for PC users, the browser is secure, fast and has all the same features that Internet Explorer has with very few exceptions. It is also has an extensive collection of plug-ins and user enhancements.


Google Chrome is awesome, its incredibly compact, very fast and offers an excellent viewer experience. It also integrates well with your google account(s). Security is good, and there are lots of add-ons available.


Opera is an enterprise-class browser with many built in features that you won't find in other browsers (email for instance).Opera features many security enhancements that make it a leader in that area.


Internet Explorer 9 is available if you have a PC running VISTA or Windows 7 only! We do not recommend IE as security is always an issue (nearly all PC viruses are contracted through explorer) but if you insist, here's a link to it.