Branding & Identity

small business brandingYour image. That is branding. When a marketing company successfully converts a company's brand, it is strengthened, made consistent and is readily recognizable. Large companies with deep pockets know how to exploit this to its limits and have literally become household names as a result. Not everyone has that kind of budget so how do we build brand recognition with a budget that is realistic for smaller businesses ? Consistency. We'll examine your existing brand (i.e. logos, collateral, website, photos, etc) and align / tweak its elements appropriately. If you don't have the elements, or you want to overhaul them completely - we'll work with you to re-invent them and come up with something new. Consistency is important - all image items presented to your clients, patients or customers should have a similar look and feel - fonts, colors, logos, textures across all media - video, printed materials, website, business cards. We'll work with you to present your business in the best possible way - designing new where needed , using existing where necessary.

Since your website is usually a first line of contact these days, we usually target that first, then adjust all other collateral to match. If you need logo work, or a complete identity overhaul we have experienced designers on staff that can provide results with impact. Branding for small and medium sized businesses is not as difficult or costly as one might think, but the results sure speak for themselves. We feel strongly enough about this subject that we have this discussion with every one of our clients - it truly does make a difference. Success is defined by your brand : customers will identify with a strong brand - customers will forget or ignore a weak one.